Financial Agency Services

Countryserv caters to local and international clients in various jurisdictions, offering the possibility of providing services in every step of the structuring and issuance of international bonds and other papers. Countryserv is an accepted Agent for transactions clearing in Euroclear, Clearstream and DTC (ICSDs – International Central Securities Depositaries).

Our financial background allows Countryserv to add substantial value to the structuring of international bonds and other instruments. We have participated in transactions in excess of USD 400 million of bonds in which we played roles in all operational aspects, such as Fiscal and Paying Agent, Trustee, Issuer, Subscriber and/or Collateral Agent for Issuers.

1. Interface with Euroclear, Clearstream and DTC

Countryserv is the “Principal Paying Agent” at International Central Securities Depositaries (ICSDs) and, as such, offers all interface between ICSDs and issuers of bonds.

2. Fiscal/Paying Agency Services

We have the possibility of acting as Fiscal/Paying Agents in the issuance of bonds, as well as first delivery of the bonds in Euroclear/Clearstream/DTC.

3. Registration of bonds with Brazilian authorities

We offer the added service of registration of the bonds with Brazilian authorities for Issuers incorporated in Brazil.

4. Detailed Term Sheet/Prospectus

Our team is capacitated to draft the Term-Sheet/Prospectus, if and when required in accordance with the clients’ needs.

5. Custody in Euroclear/Clearstream/DTC

We have the ability to offer custody in Euroclear/Clearstream/DTC environments at competitive rates.