Global Wealth Management

The scope of the wealth management services offered by Countryserv is much more than just investment advice. We have a team of high-level professionals with knowledge in private banking, derivatives and capital markets, brokerage, as well as asset and portfolio management, providing a one-stop shop for all our clients investment needs.

“A team of professionals in private banking, derivatives and capital markets, brokerage and portfolio management.”

1. Private Banking

Taking advantage of its independent status, Countryserv has developed a particularly efficient Private Banking platform, offering a broad range of services from the active supervision of account activity all the way to the consolidation of multiple bank accounts, operating in association with our first-tier partner banks.

Countryserv’s Private Banking platform works seamlessly with the Wealth Management activity and provides a professional tone to the commercial banking relationship of our clients, saving them time and limiting their personal involvement with the day-to-day of their commercial banking affairs. We take care of the banking relationship of the client-investor, effectively building an operational environment that translates into increased efficiency and better terms for custodial and other banking services.

2. Derivatives and Capital Markets

In keeping with our focus on bringing added value to the investor, we have established a very active structuring desk covering the research and development of Structured Investments. We are constantly showing our clients new investment themes that, as with the volatility of shares/ADRs of specific movements in the US yield curve, can represent additional yield to their portfolios.

The structures we offer are consistently updated and upgraded to reflect not only the latest in investment themes, but most importantly the best available financial technology and safety to the investor.

3. Brokerage

We offer coverage of emerging market securities, US corporate bonds, US agencies, global bonds, subordinated securities and structured notes.

As a self-clearing operation, we act as principal in all our trades and take pride in our superior execution and settlement. We offer more than six decades of experience in global fixed-income. Our trading/order execution desk maintains fluent contact with the most relevant trading desks in the world, warranting optimal access to trading flows and best prices in all sub-sectors of the market.

4. Wealth Management and Asset Allocation

Our aggregate of more than 60 years of experience in international financial markets warrants the discipline and depth of knowledge needed to achieve consistent results across the most diverse market environments.

We tailor our portfolio management to the particulars of the investor (age, marital status, professional activity, etc.), his/her tolerance to risk, investment style and proximity to retirement. We build and support our investment strategies with the latest available techniques and market information.